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Hats & Shirts & Other Stuff

If I had a choice,

A plaid pattern beret and a zipper front sweater vest for colder times

Then a polo shirt for hotter weather
The logos with the sawhorse seem to lean more toward the hands-on construction side and less to the code side.
I like this as a concept, but as a logo to be applied to clothing I think it has some detail problems:
  1. The thin lines are too thin to reproduce well using the silk screening process for application on clothing. If for some reason we wanted embroidered, sew-on emblems, it would be impossible.
  2. The font should be a sans-serif font. The serifs won't reproduce well in silk screening on cloth (or in embroidery).
Valid feedback. I just slammed something together to trigger discussion... t'was literally three-five minutes in InDesign.