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  1. C

    Elevator in Small 3-Story Building

    A 3-story Office Building (Regular offices, no health care). Each story is 1,750 sq.ft. in area. Is an elevator required per IBC; 1104.4? Because the aggregate area of the second and third Story is greater than 3,000 sq.ft.?
  2. J

    Type A & B Sliding Door Thresholds?

    Hello All - first post, so please forgive me. Please let me know if there is a more appropriate forum in which to post. I am working on a multifamily project located in a small town in North Texas, 65 units total, with a third of them being located on the first floor (no elevators). This is one...
  3. A

    Carriage Units

    Does anyone have experience with getting Carriage Units approved, especially in CA or Los Angeles? We are trying to clarify if the footprint has to be EXACTLY the same all the way up (IE a giant cube), or if you are allowed to have the footprint get smaller as you go up. Also, does the no...
  4. jar546

    Code Administration Question of the Day 2 Aug 2018

    Scenario: You have an existing commercial building that consists of 2 empty old "store fronts" on the bottom, facing the street and residential apartments above. It is an older building, Type V construction, NS (non-sprinklered). A municipal permit research reveals no permitting back as far as...