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ibc 2015

  1. Y

    Building too large for Type of Construction

    As I was researching an existing building's Type of Construction. I think it is most likely a type II-B classification (I still need to do some site investigation to confirm) From photos it is steel structure with no fire proofing. If I reference the allowable sq/ft under Type II-B construction...
  2. M

    Career Development regarding codes and standards

    Greetings everyone, I'm an architect from Egypt, I need to know what type of code courses that will help me to develop my skills and my career path regarding Building codes and Life safety codes. I use IBC 2015 and NFPA 101 daily at the design development stage, I make Tender and construction...
  3. S

    2015 IBC CORRIDORS 1020.1, Exception 4 applicable?

    2 story building, 2nd floor corridor with total of 40 cumulative occupants that egress into the space. At each end of the corridor is an Exit Access. Is Exception 4 applicable? 2015 IBC SECTION 1020 CORRIDORS 1020.1 Construction Corridors shall be fire-resistance rated in accordance with Table...
  4. M

    Reason for 2015 IBC 505.2.1 Mezzanine Area rule?

    Hi, I was hoping somebody could enlighten me about the reason why the IBC (2015) 505.2.1 forces a designer to enlarge the building until the unenclosed areas of the room enclosing the mezzanine amount to three times the mezzanine area: 505.1 General. Mezzanines shall comply with Section 505.2...
  5. B

    B3 Advice

    I am a brand new member here.. thanks for letting me join! I am a 45+ year Master Electrician who has recently taken a plans examiner job. I am very well versed in the NEC of course, but wanting to get a B3 for the new position. I am not fluent in I codes currently and looking for advice on...
  6. J

    12 FT stair landing required in Assembly spaces?

    TIA. Trying to find out if the 12 FT elevation change limit before a required landing in a stair applies to an Assembly, Unconcentrated classification. Please share IBC 2015 reference if you know it.
  7. Paul Legan

    IBC 2015 Table 508.4 - what am I missing?

    Hi all, new member here, looking forward to contributing to the forum. I thought table 508.4 showed required occupancy separations based on occupancy hazard. So a B-occupancy and F-1 (Moderate-hazard factory industrial) requires no separation. But a B-occupancy and F-2 (Low-hazard factory...
  8. I

    Wedding Equipment Rental Classification

    Looking at IBC 2015 here. I have a wedding/party rental tenant that is wanting to use the upper level of a 2 story building as display for their merchandise, so I'm calling this Mercantile (M), and the lower level of the building as storage and loading/unloading. Where I get confused, though...
  9. J

    IBC 2015 R-2 Apartment Building - Interior Bedrooms

    Based on Ch 12 of IBC 2015, habitable spaces must be served by natural or mechanical ventilation as well as natural or artificial light. Technically, this would allow you to provide an interior bedroom that does not have a glazed opening in an exterior wall as long as the artificial light...