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  1. iOne

    Two adjacent lot line garages, one converted to living space, 1 hour both sides?

    This is a tale of two adjacent lots with long driveways. On one side is a 1920's garage, and about 3 inches away the wall of a 1980's era "art studio" built with permits on a new foundation. The shared wall space is 10'x20'. Jurisdiction is in California. Now the art studio is proposed for an...
  2. M

    FAR for the exterior staircase for a second floor ADU

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this thread. I was wondering if you can help me with this simple question (that the city was not willing to help me for, maybe because I asked them a few questions before). I am building (designing) an ADU on the second floor of a single family home with an exterior...
  3. F

    California ADU and Fire Assemblies for Wall and Floor/Ceiling

    Hi all - I'm a residential designer (*not a licensed architect) working on a project in Southern California. The project is converting the ground floor of an existing two-story structure into an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). Currently there are 4 garage bays on the ground floor with a rental...
  4. jar546

    How are Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Impacting Neighborhood Character and Housing Affordability in Urban Areas?

    I think this can be a loaded question. I know I continue to poke the bear with this subject, however, affordable housing and alternative housing is a very large problem in the US. Here are some thoughts on this. With urban areas facing housing shortages and skyrocketing real estate prices...
  5. G

    converting existing ceiling with 2x6 ceiling joist to one hr rated ceiling assembly

    Hi all, I'm working on an ADU and came across a problem. there are existing 2x6 ceiling joists i and need to change them to a one hour fire rated ceiling assembly. Project is located in California. Some of the joists are 2x6 and some are 2x10, even though in the code it doesn't say the size of...
  6. J

    Anyone dealing with the new SB-9 rules regarding setbacks?

    I noticed that recently signed SB-9 includes (verbiage paraphrased) The bill would set forth what a local agency can and can't require in approving the construction of 2 residential units, including, but not limited to, authorizing a local agency to impose objective zoning standards, prohibiting...
  7. P

    Existing Home Garage Conversion to ADU

    Problem: Existing 2 story home would like to convert the existing 1st floor Garage to ADU. Code section R302.3 requires a 1-hr floor assembly between the two dwelling units, and 1-hr rating at the supporting construction. What have you seen as design solutions. People will not want to...