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fire separation

  1. X

    Fire Separation between Group F2 and C

    Have a question about continuity of a 2 hr fire separation where a group C Residential occupancy sits on top of a Group F2 Industrial Occupancy. Basically putting an apartment above an F2 fabrication shop. See attached section sketch of the situation. Existing F2 shop, wood framed, 2 storey, no...
  2. iOne

    Two adjacent lot line garages, one converted to living space, 1 hour both sides?

    This is a tale of two adjacent lots with long driveways. On one side is a 1920's garage, and about 3 inches away the wall of a 1980's era "art studio" built with permits on a new foundation. The shared wall space is 10'x20'. Jurisdiction is in California. Now the art studio is proposed for an...
  3. S

    Fire separation between group D and E: normal value of two hours

    Why will the normal value of two hours apply? Is it still in new NBCC?
  4. S

    N/A in major occupancy fire separation table

    This table is from Ontario Building Code: 3.1.3. Multiple Occupancy Requirements Separation of Major Occupancies Are the "N/A" circled in red for combination of major occupancy not allowed? Where in the code is there more information about this?
  5. F

    California ADU and Fire Assemblies for Wall and Floor/Ceiling

    Hi all - I'm a residential designer (*not a licensed architect) working on a project in Southern California. The project is converting the ground floor of an existing two-story structure into an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). Currently there are 4 garage bays on the ground floor with a rental...
  6. S

    dead-end aisle

    The following is froom Ontario Building Code, Division B, part 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aisles ... (14) Dead-end aisles are permitted to be more than 10 m long, but not more than 13...
  7. S

    Is secondary exit required for a room on ground floor which is a bedroom of secondary suite in basement

    There is an existing house (older than 5 years) where a secondary suite was added in basement which has a bedroom on ground floor. There is a dedicated stairs with less than 6 risers for this room to go down to basement. There are fire separations between the primary unit of the house and the...
  8. D

    IBC 'Nonseparated Occupancies' and NFPA 101 'Mixed Occupancies'

    Hi All, Long time viewer, first time poster. I'm working on a small commercial project and running into a disagreement with the Fire Marshall regarding required Fire Separations in a multiple occupancy building. I mostly do residential work so appreciate everyone's experience on this. From...
  9. S

    secondary suite: is the ceiling of the furnace room required to be drywalled when sprinkler system is installed

    In Ontario, for a house with secondary suite, with respect to the ceiling fire protection of the furnace room where sprinkler system is installed, I found there is a lot of confusion about whether or not the ceiling of the furnace room is required to be drywalled: Here is a fire code brochure...
  10. S

    Fire Separation of Rooftop Exit Enclosures

    This is the interpretation of Fire Separation of Rooftop Exit Enclosures: https://boabc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/File-No-18-0100.pdf "The walls of the rooftop exit stair would be exterior walls, and Sentence states "Exterior walls shall be rated for exposure to fire from...
  11. S

    Exit stairway at top floor fire separation

    I have two questions regarding exit stairway at top floor fire separation, here is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q63jsof97gjaslg/Exit%20stairs%20fire%20resistance%20rating%20there%20is%20no%20floor%20assembly%20above.pdf?dl=0 1st question : what is the required fire resistance rating of...
  12. S

    on which floor is the floor assembly above the floor area / the storey

    This is from Ontario building code 2012: (1) is the counterpart of in part 9. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fire Separation for Exits (1) Except as provided in...
  13. S

    Wall Exposed to Adjoining Roof

    This is from Ontario building code Division B: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wall Exposed to Adjoining Roof (1) Except as permitted by Sentence, if a wall in a building is...
  14. JCC

    Horizontal Occupancy Separation

    Where would I find language in the code (ICC or NFPA) to allow horizontal separation of use and occupancy by floor? Is Table 508.4 Required Separation of Occupancies for both vertical separation and horizontal separation? e.g. first floor assembly occupancy, second floor business, and third...
  15. C

    Exterior Door Fire Rating

    Working on a Type IA construction residential project with a sprinkler system. If the entrance door is at the property line does it need to have a fire rating?
  16. S

    Is an Open Stairway Permitted In This Scenario.

    Hello, I hope someone can assist in directing me to the CBC/IBC code that addresses questions arising from the following scenario. We are converting an industrial building to office in San Francisco, CA. The building is two stories with 15’ ceilings, a mezzanine on the 1st floor, and a basement...
  17. D

    Proposed exterior deck for restaurant

    2015 IBC. Proposed deck would be no more than 18" above grade with barrier free access. Deck would abut adjacent structure directly up to the property line with an 1/2" gap. Adjacent structure is two story CMU construction. New deck would treated wood. Table 601 states that floor construction...
  18. M

    NYC Code - Occupancy Classification of restaurant kitchen

    Hello, hoping someone can shed some light with the following: I am working on a new restaurant project in NYC, using the 1968 code. Having trouble identifying occupancy type for the kitchen portion of the restaurant. Under table 3-2 Restaurants are listed as assembly type, F-4 occupancy. Non...
  19. PDubois

    Fire separation btwn F-1 kitchen & roof deck in Type 3B

    Hi, New to the forum & hoping this is an easy question. I'm adding a small commercial kitchen (for a bar) directly below a roof deck (uncovered) that is only accessible from a residential unit on the 2nd floor (bar is confined to the first floor). I'm trying to sort out whether I need a...